My project focuses on ritual masquerade that transforms humans into Gods. The sacred becomes secular, humans transform through costume and ritual, the mundane becomes majestic and magical. It is here that prayers are answered to celebrate the unique festival of Dhussera in this coastal town.

The location is Kulasekerapatinam, a coastal village in Tuticorin district used to operate as a minor port for trading with neighboring Sri Lanka .The focal point is the 300 years old Mutharamman temple resides and another huge Dasara Celebrations take place in India As per the tradition of this temple, devotees will transform themselves as Goddess Kali,Hanuman,Shiva etc. They roam the streets collecting money to be be offered to the temple. They lose themselves and move into trance state with the beats of folk music. More than 1.5 million people come together from different cities and towns.

Dhussera is not only a festival of celebration but it’s a collective emotion of people who gather, The devotees want to fulfill the promise they made to the Gods to come out from the trauma/difficulties of th oheir lives..
I was part of this festivity and frenzy to capture the visual spectacle and be spiritually immersed in this experience that was cathartic.